We are positioned to be a leading brand on Strategy, Corporate Advisory, Social Responsibility and Sustainability issues in Africa. We have local, regional and international experience in advising corporations, government agencies, multilateral and non -governmental organisations on the integration of international principles.

ThistlePraxis Consulting is also known widely as the firm behind the Africa CEO Roundtable & Conference on Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (ARCSR™).

CSR Files™, a registered trademark of ThistlePraxis Consulting, represents our information and resource products.

The theory and practice of CSR in Africa is only emerging, and we publish a journal to drive and challenge conversations on issues of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Social Investments as well as engage business enterprises on policies and global trends on creating stronger businesses and viable economies.

This publication features the various aspects and sides to Sustainability, Business Ethics and CSR – covering different sectors of our economy across the different regions with emphasis on marked development.

Researched and aggregated news on the most current news, events, reports and information on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in world is disseminated through our weekly newsletter CSR Files.

The Organisational Impact Management Strategy (OIMS) Module examines the Return on Investment (ROI) on organisations’ Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) activities through the use of matrices and reports from a pre-conducted, in-depth field study. The OIMS incorporates a number of standards and models in achieving expected outcomes, one of which includes the CSI toolkit and the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) model for CSI assessments. The Organisational Impact Management Strategy (OIMS) Module is a trademarked product of ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited.

Online Sustainable Conversations™ Online ( is a web portal for information, insights and resources from experts on the issue of CSR, Sustainability and Sustainable Development in Africa. This community is an agenda-setting resource to encourage the transformation of ideas into initiatives and policies that will facilitate and foster sustainable development in all sectors. The mobile application can also be used to receive updates from news feeds. ogies and other useful tips will be made available as updates; visit (

Our test café is the information resource store house for individuals who are interested in learning more about sustainability issues. The IQ and knowledge tests allow users explore various areas such as Climate Change, CSR, and Social Entrepreneurship etc. This is another attempt by ThistlePraxis to engage target users through the provision of information and advocacy on topical issues in order to promote eco-friendly lifestyles. (

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