Leading In A Time of Crisis

A crisis that is not properly managed can clear out years and decades of hard work and business value in a matter of hours! However, a well-managed crisis confirms that your business has both the processes and procedures in place to handle almost any issue that may come up as a result of the situation.

As thought leaders, while we do not claim to have all the answers, we, however, are with you at a time like this which is why we have put together these thoughts to proffer some form of relief for you and your business.

Here are a few things to go by:

Have a plan. Every plan must have very clear objectives and should capture specific actions that will be taken during and after the crisis. These objectives should ensure that the key audiences are kept informed and should tell how the organization and business intend to stay afloat.

Keep Employees in the Loop. Maintaining an informed workforce helps ensure that businesses continue to flow seamlessly. Endeavour to always carry everyone along.

Be Flexible. This would be a great time to rescind some rules – review sick leave and remote working policies. Communicate your willingness to work with people and to advocate for them during this time of crisis. They will forever remember this long after the crisis has ended.

Take Appropriate Actions. While it holds true that you cannot provide solutions to the entire problem, you need to understand that you have to do the next right thing, however small and soon too.

The aftermath of crisis management, or perhaps, mismanagement, last well beyond the end of a crisis season. As a leader in business, the world is watching carefully to see how well you respond to uncertainty. In responding to COVID-19, it is required that we lead primarily from the standpoint of humanity and compassion whilst combining technical and corporate skills.

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