Brand Communications: Is Your Brand Poised For the Future?

The year 1907 brought along with it the emergence of a couple of startups in the courier industry.

More than a few years – and millions of package movements later – most of these brands have evolved into highly successful businesses– forever changing the way parcels are currently being delivered. These business models constantly factor in speed amongst other things whilst setting new and higher standards in the courier industry.

 “A hard part of management’s problem is to know when to make changes and when to hold fast to what is goodJames “Jim” Casey hypothesized.

Today, those words bear a new ring of truth, and have become the precursor for some compelling and critical decisions with regards innovations and disruptions in the marketplace across board.

 It can be said of a particular brand that they were the original disruptors in their fields, pioneering management as a science with quantitative metrics and measures. Can this portfolio be sustained? The reverse is usually what plays out after sometime – thanks to higher disruptive and innovative competitors coming into their market space.

What usually changes such that a former original disruptor begins to experience the sustained impact of new disruptors into its space?

It is no longer up for debate that how a brand starts out has nothing to do with their sustainability impact in the long run. A brand that is poised for whatever competition that’s coming in the future must imbibe the culture of learning, unlearning and sometimes relearning the ropes of staying atop in the industry. The concept of the disruptive value proposition of “absolutely, positively and creatively” has to be fully woven into the fabrics of their existentiality. There has to be constant improvements, adjustments and rebranding of the systems, structures, strategies, processes and even people so as to fortify a brand’s market dominance.

The only rule is CONTINUOUSLY INNOVATE OR BE EDGED OUT.  This is not about having an excellent track record of being “good” as the quality of just being good does not guarantee brand sustenance and client retention/loyalty.

The world is evolving too fast and the moment a brand lacks flexibility, creativity and adaptability as part of its core, an opportunity to learn and grow is missed and subsequently, the chance for survival is lost.

The point is that the advantage of today will definitely be replaced by the coming trends of tomorrow. Systems, structures and brands that refuse to evolve, will definitely one day become irrelevant.

How would your brand be perceived in the next five, ten, twenty years?

Who do you want to be?

  • A brand that will be edged out?
  • One that would be struggling to catch up with the trends?
  • The brand that is on the path of growth and by implication, would be reaping the benefit because they would have learnt how to consistently evolve over time?
  • Or the game-changer brand, today’s disruptor who would not only be evolving but redesigning the marketplace system?

It’s up to you.

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